• ART- B.A.D.M.Y.D on 18 oz Duck Canvas with Flocking

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ART- B.A.D.M.Y.D on 18 oz Duck Canvas with Flocking

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In June of  2019, Canadian creative artist Marcus Troy couldn’t  help but feel and understand the trauma that was occurring in the world at that time. So many brands , people and corporations stayed silent as the world was going through a reckoning. Marcus couldn’t believe that so many people who benefited from black culture, appropriated black culture, who built careers off of black culture, had nothing to say as the world was watching. He quickly realized that being around wasn’t enough, just because you participated and you were around it did not make you down with the cause , the movement, the fight or the plight. Marcus, first released the sentiment as a t-shirt which quickly became a best seller. This year we decided to release these sentiments as an art piece for your home, as a reminder that all marginalized people often feel alone when they are fighting for equal rights or justice. 

13" x 19" Art piece writing - Framing should be “19 x 27”

This art is Limited to 99 pieces.
Each piece is Number and Signed by the artist, Marcus Troy
Premium 18oz Duck Canvas with flocking. (Available in different colors, upon request? 
Piece does not Include Frame


Category: Double Filled Numbered Duck

Contents: 100% Cotton

Weight: 18oz


Please allow 5-7 days to process.