Posted on by Marcus Troy

ARMOIRE is first an Ideas company, we don't intend to be bound by products. We're inspired by travel , design , fashion , food, music , love and compassion. The idea for THE CREATIVE DIRECTOR CHAIR came to life one day while I sat on a plane and I started thinking about how nowadays everyone seems to be a "creative director." Then I said to myself, why not? Why can't everyone be a creative director? We all should be the ultimate creative director of our lives! I wanted to create the thinking chair that could be in your home or in your office. I wanted it to also be packable so you can travel with it anywhere that you go. I opted to vandalize the chair by etching the logo into the right arm, seems like the most logical thing you would do while your thinking. Even though this chair is being made in limited quantities, expect to see this chair adorn with fabrics from around the world. I hope this chair finds a beautiful place in your home or office. Thank you to Daniela Tudor, a famous wood scientist and artist from bringing this vision to life. 

Photogaphy by Naskademini